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Every movie needs a sequel, and every sequel needs another sequel with a bigger budget, more tired cameos, and the same overused jokes told by overpriced talent. Athletic events are no different. How could we have carried on without Muhammad Ali /Joe Frazier 3—"The Thrilla' in Manilla," the Shaq & Kobe Laker Three-peat, or Wrestlemania III? Yep, the trilogy is the American Way.

It would therefore be downright un-American to deprive the people of East Atlanta's signature overblown pseudo-athletic Olympic-themed excuse for beer binging. So in the continued spirit of national pride and international competition (but without all the running and jumping), we bring you the 3rd Annual Bunganello Olympiad!

1pm - Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Remember, real athletes RSVP.



Sponsored by The Bunganello