The Bunganello Olympiad will measure each participant's prowess at a variety of games on both individual and team levels. Players can therefore win individual and team awards participating in one of 6 events: Foosball, Washers, Ping-Pong, Darts, Lawn Darts, and Four-Square.

In each event, Olympians will participate in a SINGLE-ELIMINATION tournament. Players will accumulate "Championship Points" for both themselves and their team by advancing within each tournament. The team with the most points after all tournaments are completed will be declared Bunganello Olympic Champions. The player who accumulates the most points for his/her team will be declared the Overall Olympic Champion, and awarded the gold medal. Silver and bronze medals will also be awarded for the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. In addition to team and individual accolades, trophies will be awarded to each of the six event champions.


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